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Birth Charts, Directionology or Fire Ceremonies can be used to better time a change in your life, or to move house auspiciously or simply to overturn bad luck.

Image of Birthcharts, Directionology or Fire CeremoniesBirth Charts:

Using 9 Star Ki Astrology I can create and interpret a birth chart for either yourself or as a gift for a loved one.  Birth charts help us to reduce the worst types of misfortune, and capitalise on the good fortune we are destined to experience.  The Chart reveals what life might have in store as well as when the important highs and lows in your life will occur.  It is usually possible to predict when the greatest opportunity for prosperity will occur.  This in turn determines when you should be taking risks and when you should be more cautious.  Using your birth chart you can better time auspicious events to obtain a more successful outcome for you.


Each year everyone has some directions that will be more favourable for them to move or travel in than others. By being aware of favourable moves and avoiding harmful ones you are more likely to be in the right place at the right time.  You will be more likely to benefit from flowing with the tide of life rather than against it.

Image of Birthcharts, Directionology or Fire Ceremonies

Image of Birthcharts, Directionology or Fire CeremoniesFire Ceremonies:

These are very useful following periods of serious illness, health problems or after a major trauma. I have used Fire Ceremonies many times and in my experience they have not only been very powerful but also successful in what they have achieved for the Client.