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About Celtic Chi:

Karen McDonald established Celtic Chi (Chi means vital force inherent in all things) in 2008 following years of study with the Feng Shui Academy.  Having completed the Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner and Professional Space Clearing Courses which are accredited by the  Feng Shui Society (the national society for Feng Shui) her skills and expertise have resulted in successful outcomes for Clients in both their homes and workspaces.

One of the reasons her business is so successful is because she likes to build a personal relationship with each of her Clients and she provides three months free follow up service as well as annual updates to: “lovely people who tell me that Feng Shui is making a real difference to their lives”.  Please read the testimonials provided by some of those lovely people.

In October 2015 she wrote an article for the Holistic Therapist Magazine “Feng Shui for Therapy Rooms”. Also in October 2021 she was interviewed by Rise and Shine online magazine which provides ideas, insights and inspiration for navigating life’s journey.

The ethos behind Celtic Chi has always been to help people improve their lives, and so from March 2019 10% of profits have been donated to the Social Bite Fund.  (Social Bite has a branch in Aberdeen and their mission is to end homelessness in Scotland.)
Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses