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Image for Space ClearingSpace Clearing

This clears and revitalises the energy in buildings.  Most of us know what it is like to walk into a room after an argument.  You feel that you can cut the air with a knife.  The atmosphere is so dense you can almost touch it.

The residue of this kind of energy accumulates around the building.  It builds up like dust in the home.  This then affects the flow of energy in the building and in the lives of the occupants.

Similarly, energy from previous owners will have an effect on others who subsequently live there.  Often, happy couples move into a new home only for their relationship to deteriorate.  They later discover that the previous occupants were divorced or had similar relationship issues.

Space clearing clears, raises and revitalises the energy in our personal space and in our lives.  Space clearing is particularly effective when used in conjunction with conventional Feng Shui.  The combination of these two processes gives many clients a life-transforming experience.

Image for Space ClearingOften a person can be stuck with an issue in life, or have a recurring argument with their partner or family.  When this happens it is usually possible to find a corresponding area in their living space with stuck energy. Once this energy is cleared the problem will start to resolve.  Not necessarily because the cause of the issue or argument has been removed but by giving the person a fresh start. 

Clutter Clearing

As I have said effective Feng Shui is often more about removing things than adding them.  Once the Geopathic Stress, EMF’s and the space have been cleared, then we need to clear the clutter.  Sometimes we accumulate material possessions without even thinking why.  Clutter clearing does not mean that you cannot have ornaments or items of sentimental value around the house.  However it does mean that you should look at anything you keep with “new eyes”.  Always ask yourself:  Is it genuinely useful?  Genuinely cherished or loved? Orderly?  If it is none of these then it is clutter.

It is not unusual for a Client to be “stuck” with an area of their life (for example their career) only to find the corresponding part of their home is filled with clutter.  The physical blockage represents a blockage in their life which can not only affect their well-being but can prevent them from achieving their goals.

People who keep a lot of clutter tend to benefit the most when they clear it out.  Clearing clutter can be emotional.  By letting go of items  from the past you are letting go of memories (good and bad).  If you have a lot of clutter it is best to start small – say a drawer a week.  You might find that once you start clearing things out you will get the momentum to keep going at a faster rate.

Image for Clutter Clearing

As clutter clearing can be an emotional and daunting process you may not want to face it alone, you don’t have to.  I can spend a day with you and offer an independent opinion on the items you can’t decide what to do with.  I can provide emotional support or simply company and leave you with a clutter clearing plan so you are able to continue to achieve results for yourself.